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Product Standards

My goal is to provide the highest quality products to my guests, as well as educate them about the harmful ingredients that are found in most of today's products and cosmetics.  To the best of my ability, and through extensive research to ensure that the claims that the companies make are accurate, the product lines that I have chosen to represent are vegan, organic, free of animal testing, sulfate-, paraben-, and formaldehyde-free.  

Please call ahead prior to your first visit if you have a gluten allergy.  I also carry a high performance gluten free color line and product lines, but because of limited space need to know if you have special needs prior to your arrival.
Satin Smooth is a non-wax, soy-based, botanical based hair-removal system. Great for sensitive skin and is the vegan product solution to typical wax formulas.
Satin Smooth
People friendly.
Planet friendly.
Davines is an amazing color (98% naturally derived), and product line. Their color lines provide superior, long lasting, healthy color with their Italian pigments.  One of their color lines is also ammonia free. 

Their shampoos, body care and styling aids are amazing, providing both superior performance and naturally-based sensory experiences without overwhelming, heavy perfumes. 

Based in Parma, Italy, they are a 2nd generation, family owned company who uses wind and solar energy to produce all of their products, as well as food grade containers so you can recycle or reuse them safely.  Many of their products have been zero-impact for years.  Davines North America uses 100% renewable energy.
Zoya is an award-winning nail product line that is camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, and toluene free, and so safe even for expectant mothers.
What We Use 
& Sell, plus our Menu of Services
Woman's Haircut
Full service haircut: includes wash, cut, and style.

$ 40
Salon Services
All hair color prices vary depending on length of hair, which is separated into three categories: short, medium or long. Short hair is considered to be above the shoulders. Medium hair is at the shoulders or within two inches of the shoulders. Long hair is more than two inches below the shoulders.  Each client will be evaluated prior to the beginning of every color service to explain the processes and price. 
Woman's Haircut w/out Style
Dry haircut, no styling.

$ 35
Fringe/Bang Trim or Shaping
If you got your haircut from me already, it's free.  Drop-in's are $5.

$ 5
Cuts & Styles
For the Face
Men's Haircut
Taper Cut/Clipper Cut
***Specialty Color & Corrective Hair Color***
Ombre Hair Color
Specialty Effects Color Enhancement
15 Foil Highlight
Full Highlight
Eyebrow Tinting
Partial Highlight
Eyebrow Wax
Lip or Chin Wax
Full Face Wax
Eyebrow & Lip or Chin Wax
Wash & Style
Children 12 & Under
Retouch Hair Color
Deep Conditioner with a Wash & Style
Lash Tinting
All-Over Hair Color
Deep Conditioner added at any service
Beard/Neck Trim
$ 20
$ 25
Special occasion hair involving pinning and sculpting. Does not include washing or blow drying.  
****Please come with your hair clean and dry!****  
A pre-consultation with pictures is highly recommended.

$ 40 & up
Shampoo, condition, blow dry/iron style.

$ 25 & up
Full Highlight includes highlights throughout the entire head. Price depends on hair length.

$ 77
This is a great service for a first-time highlight. Adds some highlight in the hairline and part. Limited to a total of 15 foils.

$ 57
Partial Highlight gives strands of color to the top portion of the hair, with highlights falling from the hairline to behind the ears. Price depends on hair length.

$ 67
Retouch is the coloring of the regrowth from a previous color service. This is a single-process hair color service, and is ideal to cover up to one inches of hair (8 weeks), regrowth. 

$ 47, add a haircut and style, $87
All-Over Hair Color is a single-process hair color with scalp-to-ends application, also known as a “solid color” service. Price depends on hair length as more color may be needed for complete coverage. 

$ 57, add a haircut and style, $97
Includes 2-3 slices of color placements for color pops or dramatic effect.

$ 35
In French, Ombre' means “shading or graduating color”. Also known as “color melting”, this technique makes the hair gradually lighter at the ends. Ideal for medium or long hair lengths.

Call for consultation and quote.
In French, Balayage means, “to sweep”. This highlighting technique creates a low maintenance highlight that is beautifully and naturally blended.  Ideal for medium to long hair lengths.

Call for consultation and quote
***Specialty Color and Corrective Hair Color are priced during consultation. The price will be determined after a Stylist evaluates the length of hair and the appropriate hair color service.***
$ 14
$ 12
$ 25
$ 35
Prices can vary depending on age, hair texture, length & density.

$ 20 & up
​If you got your haircut from me already, it's free. Drop-in's are $5.

$ 5
Deep conditioner includes a clarifying shampoo service followed by an intense, heat-activated moisturizer for the hair, followed by a wash & style.

$ 35
Full service haircut: includes wash, cut, and style.

$ 25
Not gender specific, and is available if hair that is approximately 3 inches or shorter and requires minimal styling.

$ 15
Deep conditioner includes a clarifying shampoo service followed by an intense, heat-activated moisturizer for the hair, followed by a wash & style.

$ 20
This is a time intensive, minimum two-stage service that takes all of the hair to a lighter shade, then a toner is applied to ensure an excellent shade of blonde. Price depends on hair length.

$ 110 & up
Double Process Lightening 
Toner with a Hair Color Service
Adds flawless tone to highlights or hair color and has long-lasting results.​

$ 23
Surface Smooth & Healthy Smoothing System
Permanent Wave
Additional Color in Hair Color Service
Call for quote. Hair length and final results may affect the price.

$ 85 & up
Sometimes the combined length and thickness of hair necessitates an extra bowl of color for full coverage. ​

$ 12
Call for quote. Hair length and final results may affect the price.

$ 250 & Up
Nourishing Facial
$ 65
Olaplex Rebonding Treatment
Natural Tech Treatment
A 3-part rebonding service that rebuilds and strengthens hair that has been severely damaged.

$ 35
A natural service formulated to address your individual hair and scalp needs. 

$ 35
Double Process Retouch
When hair grows beyond 8 weeks hair growth (1 inch), the new hair is soft and hasn't hardened yet, the cuticle of the hair beyond 1 inch has hardened, and is now resistant to color, especially to gray hair, and the previously colored hair has been permanently changed and can take on extra color, causing a stripe. To Keep hair from having hot roots, resistance to gray coverage and a darker stripe where the hardened cuticle meets previously colored hair, it is necessary to do a double process color service for flawless results. Although it is much better to commit to a regular upkeep schedule for your retouch (every 5-8 weeks), sometimes life gets in the way, and it isn't possible. No judgement, but it will be a double process service to ensure flawless results.

$ 94 & up