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About Gayle Sampson
As a licensed cosmetologist and independent contractor, I had a vision of bringing the most natural and ethical products and services available to my clients. Having previously worked in the building science trade for over 10 years, I brought that knowledge with me when I decided to follow my first passion, and made the leap into the beauty industry. I saw first-hand what exposure to the chemical soup that we live in today was doing to my clients. Combining my knowledge of science and beauty made the choice easy to switch to the healthiest products that are available on the market today. I've trained and worked in Aveda, Joico, OPI, Redkin, and Coppola, to name a few, but none met my demands for gentle and effective products that were good for both us and our planet.  As new products come on the market, you can be sure that I will assess each and every one of them to ensure that they are held to the highest standards.  I currently use Davines and Zoya exclusively. 

It is my belief that when you sit down in my chair, you deserve all of my time, respect and expertise. With a personal dedication to continuing education on all the latest trends and techniques, I am able to better communicate with my clients, so that you are provided a relaxing and comfortable experience, and also make you look and feel amazing.
Committed to helping my customers achieve their personal best while giving back to the community.
Commitment to Giving Back to our Local Community
It has been a lifelong passion of mine to give back to my local community, and to do my part keeping it strong and healthy. On and off throughout the year, I have a jar placed by my station. If you believe in the organization, please consider putting the money you would normally give to me as a tip into the jar instead, and help me keep our community strong.

The organizations that I regularly support are (in no particular order):
WYSO independent radio station
Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse
Glen Helen Association
Antioch School (K-12)
The Yellow Springs Arts Council
Oct 2, 2015
"Always feeling like a million bucks after she's worked her magic! She knows my hair and knows just what it takes to tame my mane ;)"

Sep 27, 2015
Ann Taylo
"In addition to doing wonderful job with my hair, Gayle makes a cup of tea for me and provides conversation! "

Aug 20, 2015
Bob K
Always a pleasure.
"A return to an ordered appearance. The relaxing shampoo/ scalp massage. The conversation. Always a pleasure."

July 17, 2015
Color, Cut & Style
"This was my first visit to Gayle. She considered my face shape, coloring, etc. in helping me chose a hair color and style. She is very knowledgeable and explains the whys and wherefores. I was very pleased and will be going back in eight weeks."

July 8, 2015
Keeps me coming back!
"Gayle knows my hair and I am always happy with the results. She has become a necessity in my life and a true friend. I always enjoy my visits with Gayle."

June 20, 2015
Johanna Smith
Love Gayle!
"I have known Gayle both on a personal and professional level for quite some time. When I first met her, what impressed me is just how casual, comfortable but stylishly perfect her hair was! She's been doing my hair for about 6 months now. I wear my hair very short and it's got lots of whorls and cowlicks, yet, when I leave her chair, I always look great! "

June 16, 2015
Byron Crews
Simply the Best!
"Gail Sampson is kind, caring, patient, fun, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about virtually every aspect of hairstyling for both women and men, with an emphasis on precise attention to detail in providing progressive European styling. Gail dialogues with you, puts your needs first; makes every effort to understand your desired cut and provides a style that is always impressive and puts a bounce in your step! Gail happily explains her superlative methods as she proceeds. Simply the Best!"

June 5, 2015
Paul Sampson
Awesome haircut! Went from sholder length to business cut.
"Honestly can say Gayle gives me the best haircuts ever. She is professional, asks questions, meticulous, and knows what she is doing. Better than anyone else I've been to, hands down! Thank you! :-)"

May 14, 2015
Cindy Class
Always happy
"I have never had a bad result from Gayle. She takes the time to do it right and she knows my style."

May 1, 2015
Neenah Ellis
awesome, as usual
"Thanks, Gayle, for my new hair style. It makes me happy. I'm having fun with it and I think it really suits me. "

Apr 17, 2015
Beth Sherwood
Gayle Rocks!
"I left feeling so much more confident about having to wear a wig. She cleaned it up and made it look like it was my own hair."

Mar 15, 2015
Bob K
A fine way to emerge from hibernation.
"Between the flu and weather, I'd gone over two moths this time. As usual, Gayle was able to carve away the dross and restore the human. Hardly recognize myself - but I like what I see. A bit miraculous, yet I've come to count on that."

Feb 9, 2015
Always happy
"I've never had a bad experience with Gayle. She always does an excellent job. She knows my hair :)"

Dec 31, 2014
Bud Schutte
"I recently moved to this area and found Gayle immediately , Gayle is a true professional with a personal touch .I do not see well so to find someone that i trust totally is comforting and a blessing. "

Dec 28, 2014
Olivia B
Great cut
"Gayle explained her process. Gave me suggestions based on my face shape and hair texture. The haircut looks great! thanks Gayle!"

Dec 21, 2014
Restored - again
"Once again,Gayle managed to trim back the neglected growth of a month (or more) and restore me to respectability for the holidays. She wasn't bothered when the shampoo, and scalp massage had me so relaxed that I was dozing. Overall,a pleasant minor miracle."

Nov 6, 2014
"As always I am completely satisfied with the results. She works miracles on my hard to tame mane :-)"

Aug 27, 2014
Johanna Smith
Love Gayle!
"Gayle gave me a pedicure yesterday. I have super-sensitive, dry skin and lots of allergies. the products she uses are wonderful, soothing and hyper-allergenic, even for me! She has a very gentle, caring touch that felt great! And my toes look fabulous!"

Aug 15, 2014
Ms. Smith
Wonderful with Naurally Curly Hair
"Gayle really understands the challenges of cutting naturally curly hair. She works with the curl to provide a wonderful cut and style. I know when I leave, my hair will still look fabulous after my first shower. She never tries to force the hair with styling products which only leads to disappointment. Gayle is sensitive to the environment and uses safe, low odor products for sensitive skin. As always, a great style and great conversion."

Aug 3, 2014
Byron Crews
Simply the Best!!!
"Gayle is a superlative hair stylist. Always cheerful, sensitive and personable, Gayle might be more aptly be described as a virtuoso "Hair Artist," providing amazing precision hair cuts for men, adapting to any challenge and collaborating with clients to achieve their desired style. I always depart looking and feeling sensational. She knows exactly how to engage and enhance your unique energy and personality, and that's Gayle's truly amazing creative gift. Gayle Sampson is Simply the Best"

July 24, 2014
"As always, pleased as punch. Needed her in my life way back when. She knows my hair and gets it right! :-)"

June 30, 2014
Bob K
Respectability restored
"Once again, she was able not only to release my inner publicly acceptable appearance for an unkempt maned, but actually leave me comfortable with the fellow in my mirror. A bit like sculpting topiary."

June 22, 2014
Bcreek customer
Gayle knows hair
"Rarely have I been able to find anyone who can cut my very fine, straight hair so that it lays nicely and appears to have body without requiring me to spend time blow drying and styling it daily. Gayle has an extensive knowledge of hair care, attends regular professional development, and is extremely attentive to detail. Thanks, Gayle!"

June 22, 2014
Phyllis B
experienced, pays attention to detail.
"Gayle is experienced and pays close attention to the details. She listens and is kind. Gives an amazing haircut that works for me in so many ways. I enjoy her knowledge. I would not go anywhere else. "

June 6, 2014
Veronica D
Knowledgable, Experienced and Environmetally Safe
"Gayle is very knowledgable about the organic products she uses. She is a conscienous stewart of the Earth and an advocate for human health and wellness. She continually researches and learns new information concerning hair care and style. I am so amazed by all the various services she provides and how beautifully and personally she cares for her clients. "

June 5, 2014
"She really knows her stuff !! Explains what she's doing as she's doing it and makes you feel so at ease. I wish I would have discovered her earlier in life ! I'll be a returning client FOR SURE!!!"

May 24, 2014
jaimie wilke
Very Happy With Results
"Gayle's exceptional abilities with my unruly, curly hair amazes me every time I visit her. I especially appreciate the personal service she gives to each of her customers, asking and confirming regarding their wishes before going anywhere near their hair! An important and notable feature of her philosophy includes a commitment toward the use of non-carcinogenic, pure, high-quality products. You don't get the usual ammonia/ toxic smell when she is working with your hair. Thanks Gayle! "

May 4, 2014
A month past due
Creativity + Skill + Consideration = Excellence
"The combination is rare these days but is Gayle's standard approach. The transformation she wrought was surprising and as revitalizng as a relaxed day off."

Apr 18, 2014
Reena Appell
hair trim
"She was totally awesome! She took a lot of time to note what I wanted and what I like and she gave me a cut that looked like that!' I would recommend her anytime! Reena"

Apr 11, 2014
"Gayle is the best! I have always been more than happy with my results. She does an outstanding job!"

Mar 7, 2014
Mandy H
"I've been to a lot of salons to have my hair done, but Gayle is one of a kind! She really takes the time with you. I not only got the best haircut ever but learned a couple tricks. I look forward to the exciting stuff to come that she will do with my hair! "

Dec 16, 2013
Cindy Class
"Pleasant experience as always. She takes her time and does it right! Highly recommend her to others!"

Nov 30, 2013
Veronica D
Consistently Excellent
"Gayle has transformed my hair from damaged and dry to healthy and full hair. The unpredictable colors from a box are bygone days and now my hair has beautiful tones of color and highlights. I am so grateful for her knowledge and skills. "

Nov 2, 2013
knows her stuff
"Gayle is always updating her skills with classes and workshops, so you can count on her professional talents. But better than that, she enjoys what she is doing. If you're like me, and don't have a clue, let her at you!!"

Aug 24, 2013
Bob Klahn
Complimentry order from chaos
"I tend to go too long between haircuts, but of hair I've long relied on Gayle to restore my overgrown, disordered thatch to something which restores my appearance, self image and professional acceptability. Since the mirror only affords me one perspective, I've relied on her professional judgement on style and cut- and never regretted it. "

Aug 22, 2013
Cathy Young
"What a true joy my appointment was. Gayle is fun and very attentive. I asked her for a specific "look" and she knew exactly what I meant. And then she proceeded to DO it. I love my hair color and shine. Thanks, Gayle!"

July 3, 2013
antonia d
great manicure and pedicure
"This was my first time and it definitely won't be my last. The manicure and pedicure were great, I love the idea of the organic products, and I enjoyed talking to Gayle. Looking forward to when she is in a larger site; it will make it more confortable."

May 7, 2013
Kristi B
Love her!
"You will NOT be disappointed, no matter what service you require. She actually listens and seeks to create the style you want, unlike most other stylists. She is amazing!"

May 6, 2013
Byron Crews
Gayle Is an Consummate Artist!
"Gail is patient, caring and always so pleasant and personable. I have an unruly head of hair, and in a seemingly effortless creative approach, she adapts with sharp professional skill, and always styles my hair with flair and fun personality. Gail is the BEST!"

May 1, 2013
Melody Kingsley
She's a perfectionist and I wouldn't have it any other way
"Gayle understands that as a busy mom of three, I can't come every couple of months to have my hair done. She took her time and did an amazing job so that if I can't make it back for several months, it will still look great. "

Apr 28, 2013
Veronica Duke
Hair Color
"Gayle is so innovative and dedicated in her commitment to provide the best service and personal care to each client. I am so fortunate to know her as a stylist and friend. "

Mar 11, 2013
Cindy Class
Very Happy!!
"I have never had a professional color. I was nervous about it at first, but Gayle told me step by step what to expect and the nerves went away. She does an excellent job and I will be a returning customer for sure!!"

Feb 28, 2013
great service!
"I have been to Gayle for both cut and color- and highly recommend her for both. The color she uses is earth-friendly and leaves my hair feeling and looking healthy. Gayle also gives the best scalp massages!"

Feb 3, 2013
Kristi B
Excellent service!
"Gayle takes the time to tell you about your particular hair type and how to best care for it. She will even walk you through a complete style and teach you how to do it yourself at home! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new experience in hair care. "

Jan 18, 2013
Callie Cary-Devine
Artist Hairstylist
"Gayle is such a careful and creative stylist. I have been in and out of many salons but Gayle has been someone I have been going to for about a year. Her haircuts are perfection and if you have any issues, she'll fix it right away. Her new line of product is very gentle and lasts longer than previous salon brands. I highly recommend her! "

Jan 16, 2013
Veronica D
Professional, Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable
"Gayle is very personable and a very skilled hair dresser. She stays current by attending professional development and is environmentally conscious. "

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